Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in Any Field You Desire

The Bachelor’s degree, one of the most popularly earned degrees among the students of recent times, demands a brief historic overview. If you are the one planning to receive the degree, then its history might interest you.

Origin of the Word ‘Bachelor’

The story all started way back during the Renaissance when the students receiving their doctorate degrees were customarily complimented with branches of bay. As a matter of fact, it was a representation of the highest honor conferred in ancient days. The tradition was carried on in modern times too. The French derivative “baccalaureate” took birth out of this and “bachelor”, the English modification of it followed henceforth.

Subjects in Bachelor’s Degree

Even though students earn this degree from anywhere within a period of three to six years, the approximate completion time is of four years. The major subjects available to you while pursuing this degree are way more than the Associate Degree.

The majors in Bachelor’s comprise of, though not limited to, medicine, fashion, criminal justice, business, education, art and design, and a lot more. If you are looking ahead to compete in today’s job market, then Bachelor’s degree, in all probability, would be expected from you. In fact, the recent trend in the job market is considering this degree as the basic qualification.

Know More About the Subjects Offered In Bachelor's Degree:

Art and Design

Students with a flair for creativity will find this stream a perfect gateway to enter into the creative world and prove their talents. The course comprises of important subjects, such as painting, theatre, graphic design, and other aspects of creativity.

Needless to state, creativity has got nothing to do with mugging or reading books. All you need is a strong aptitude for creativity and imagination. Here, hands-on-approach is expected from you. Once you acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design, you will have to develop your own portfolio and meet prospective recruiters to begin a successful career in your passionate area.


As the name indicates, it is all about business, or to be precise, the purchase and selling of commodities and services in a fashion to gain profit. Naturally, you do not want to incur loss in life. And so, such a degree is apposite for you if you intend to do profitable business in life. The Bachelor’s degree in this field offers you the requisite knowledge and skill to efficiently carry out any business projects, large or small. The course focuses on subjects like finance, human resources and marketing.


Many people believe that education is all about distributing knowledge. It is all about imparting your knowledge to others. Are you one among them? Then, this degree is for you. With this qualification, you can pursue your teaching profession.

Computers and Technology

In this technological era, do you take keen interest in computers and technology? This degree is ideal for you if you want to make your stand in technological fields, such as programming language, website administration, and logic. If you have confidence in reasoning and mathematics, then you are ready to take up a career in this field.


An unusual career choice indeed, but carries a lot of demand. Fashion industry has been one of the most demanded fields among the younger generation, as youths just go crazy about fashion.

A cosmetologist deals with a specific segment of the beauty industry, or to be more specific, with hairstyling. However, it is more than an ordinary hairstylist. Cosmetology deals with progressive styles and trends in hair and beauty techniques and an expert in this field can incredibly transform a client from simple to stunning in just a single sitting.

Criminal Justice and Legal

Do you feel the desperation to stand against crimes? Are you inclined to learn what is right and what is wrong? A degree in criminal justice and legal edifies you about what falls within the purview of law and what not.

If you are tending to step into judicial system of a country, then take up this degree. Additionally, you can also practice privately by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in this. It calls for knowledge on judicial system, its policies and corollaries, implementation of the laws, etc.

Culinary Arts

Interested in being a chef? Do you like experimenting and dishing up innovative menus? Then this course goes for you. Whatever be the case, this subject will always be in demand, as there will be no dearth of people preferring good food.


If you are concerned in treating and curing people’s lives and health, then do not give a second thought. With this degree, you can delve deep in the medical industry. Healthcare is certainly one of the fast growing industries across the globe, and thus if you earn a degree in this field, then there will be, in high probability, no scarcity of work for you. You get to learn how to take the patients to a healthy life. The program of study differs as per the level of study follow by you.

Liberal Arts

This is yet another offbeat course that focuses on creating job scopes for you.


Nothing can be as noble as nursing the ailing. In Europe, the University of Edinburg became the first institute to offer a nursing degree decades back in 1972. On the other hand, Yale School of Nursing was the foremost independent institution of nursing in the U.S. in 1923.

Psychology and Counseling

Psychologists and counselors have no lack of opportunities. Being a psychologist or a counselor, you can work in a range of settings. For instance, there is academic setting, where you can position yourself as psychotherapy providers, researchers, and professors. In addition, you can also apply in healthcare settings, namely mental health clinics, hospitals.

You can also choose to work as physicians and other mental health professionals including social workers, psychiatric nurses, and clinical psychologists.

Vocational and Trade

A recent survey disclosed that only 38% of Americans hold a Bachelor’s degree. You can very well realize that almost 60% of them do not possess this degree at all. However, to the astonishment, almost everyone is working here.

To tell you the truth, many of them have taken up vocational and trade as their profession. Such kinds of jobs do not need formal degree or education to progress in life. Nonetheless, they are the driving forces of the economy. Traders just need some special skills that are acquired via training.

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